adidas Iniki Runner CLS 20210801

“I like you most, Lvzi. “To what extent “Like a bear who likes spring. “Spring bear “Green son raised his face again,” what spring bear “In the spring field, you, personally, are walking. There comes a cute little bear with velvet all over and round eyes. It says to you like this, ‘Hello, miss, would you like to roll with me ‘then you and the bear hold each other and roll down the clover covered hillside for a whole day. Do you think it’s great “Great. “I like you so much. “I like it. Although it’s not very elegant, the color is very good. The packaging and logistics are very good, and the workmanship is very good. I don’t find any defects. I usually buy a size 35 smaller than 35.536 feet. The base is very soft and comfortable to wear

It looks like a genuine product. It’s just worn, but the mesh on the foot is too thin. It’s wasted in summer. The 42 is a bit too big. But the estimate of buying 41.5 is smaller.

adidas Iniki Runner CLS

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