Nike Court Royale 20210803

And the physical store a price, but the physical store has no small size. Adult black hook 499, I still like this pure white, buy a big boy to wear for myself, ha ha. I received the shoes. I was quite satisfied with the whole thing. I contacted the customer service with two marks. I took photos many times without reply. Forget it,. Not for early summer, too hot

Delivery speed is good, logistics is very fast. Ah ah ah ah ah I really don’t know what to say now. I’ve bought too many things recently. I’m crazy to write comments. Generally speaking, the shoes are very good. After a close look, the workmanship is also very good. It is exquisite and has no defects. I just put on my feet for a while. The shoes are very light. I usually wear 37 shoes and shoot 36.5 shoes, which will have a little spare space, but they will not be loose and will not be able to support the feet. And the appearance is very high! If you like it, don’t hesitate. This price is very good. (I haven’t worn it out, and I haven’t identified it yet. I’ll make a review when I have time! )

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