Air Jordan 1 20210805

Have you seen my little bear ♀ Special skin color version is very good, the details are also very good, especially like the upper body, can be worn as a outerwear, can also be worn alone with short skirt, shorts and pants are OK Necessary in summer Vest private goods Jeans private clothes versatile wear, wear seconds to grow big, long leg light blue is suitable for summer Shoes aj1 Red Hook black toe classic black and white red color material is better than the picture! It’s a surprise to get your hands. The leather is very textured. The laces are black and red. They are easy to match. They are suitable for every cool baby. They are inspired by green plaid shirt, vest and jeans pants. It’s full of summer feeling

The shoes are very shiny First I bought them from XX runner. The white part at the bottom is white and the other one is yellow. Then the number on the trademark plate inside the shoes is not correct except for the size, and the production date is also different. I shot 42 more shoes immediately, which is normal their mistakes are still normal. None of my 10 pairs of sports shoes are the same as XX runner, and the left and right shoes are not up to standard He said it was like this. I really convinced them. It’s not a good time to waste money

Air Jordan 1

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