Nike Air Max 270 20210808

It feels good. The upper foot is very handsome, and the heel is also super handsome. The mesh surface has several layers for color matching, and the air permeability is poor, but it can still be worn in summer. The air cushion on the back of the palm is very thick, and the upper foot is relatively hard. However, I stepped on it in a few days, but the feedback is not obvious when walking and jogging. The material of forefoot is soft. It feels like vibration absorbing material. The foot feel is OK. Generally speaking, the daily wear is very good, with cost performance.

Express delivery is very fast, except for delivery two days to arrive, the shoes are good, but unfortunately there are some small defects, the shoe bed has a little foot, maybe my instep is too high Nike’s shoes are as hard to wear as ever, but the price is still affordable. Don’t want to bother, that’s it. High instep is recommended to buy more than half the size.

Nike Air Max 270

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