Nike Air Max 98 20210809

vengetice Srimless online store Srimless online store Nike air max 98 black and white panda

The price was reduced as soon as I received it, and the price difference was not refunded. It’s really heart filling. The upper foot is not so good. I can’t say how nice the size is. The comfort is OK. The material of the sole is OK, the material of the upper is exquisite, and the style is a little ugly

After trying in the physical store, the double 11 bought online is very suitable. It should be genuine. Shun Feng express is too suck. I was not at home when I delivered the first day. Let the next day send the result. More than 11 pieces will be delivered again on the 20th. Let yourself go to the store to get it. In order to get the goods as soon as possible, I couldn’t go to the store to get them at night. I’ll pay attention to this store in the future. Because it’s for the kids. So you have to make sure it’s authentic. Otherwise, the child is not comfortable to wear.

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