F12W124156FEG 20210907


Company grade FILA FILA daddy shoes egg wine color trend, cushioning and leisure sports daddy shoes. The pop-up shoes are featured with complex vamp structure and unique vision. They are sharp and stylish, exaggerated, fat and wide, and have a grid at the bottom, which leads to the trend of new collar. Article No.: f12w124156feg Code: 2165930

No loss is a big brand, very dazzled have no! The color is very good. Although the base is thick, the base is very soft. The feeling of wearing is very nice. You have chosen the wrong shop! The code introduced by the customer service sister is also accurate. This shopping is very enjoyable.


Adidas Originals Superstar 20210904

The recommended size is very suitable, usually sports shoes 37, 36.5 is just right. I’m satisfied with the quality, workmanship and comfort of the shoes. The delivery was also very timely.

Everything else is OK, but The front face of the shoes is long and the feet are big. It’s a little bit worn. Why is this tag in Korean I don’t know much about it. There’s no r mark for dropping the tag

It’s average, but some details are not handled well. The package of express delivery is also very poor, and the box is too bad. Also want to buy a small size, usually wear 36, but this pair of 36 is a little loose, shoes show foot bigger, a serious evaluation, hope to help you.

Adidas Originals Superstar


Nike Air Huarache Ultra 20210904

It’s very comfortable to wear. It’s just that the upper foot is a little deformed after walking for a few days. It seems that the right foot looks wider. It doesn’t mean that people’s feet are different in size. I like it. I don’t know whether it’s true or not

Shoes are a little smaller. I bought them before. It’s very fast to change them! Jingdong Logistics super praise! I love shoes! Physical store, this has no number to buy! Find super happy in Jingdong!

The smell of glue is heavy. The store owner said let me blow it. I thought it might be normal. But the offset printing on the shoe and the mess of the wiring made me wonder if it might be an imitation. Because of the size problem, this is a pair I got back, and I tried it in the store and liked it very much, but I didn’t have my size, so I didn’t return it. But if you want to buy authentic products, you still have to go to the physical store.

Nike Air Huarache Ultra